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After we seniors retire from our employment, our social circle tends to shrink. Many experts suggest that it is healthier to remain socially, mentally and physically active.
“A stranger is a friend we haven’t met yet.”

The primary purpose of our club is to provide the venues and the opportunity, for members to get some exercise in a social atmosphere. Our activities include curling, golf, and lawn bowls. All of these activities are relatively inexpensive.
Membership Fee - Our present annual membership fee is $ 20.00, and membership runs from April 1st each year to March 31st of the following year. To take part in any of the activities, you must be a member.
Curling – With the closing of the West Kildonan Curling Club, we have moved our curling activities to the West St Paul Curling Club located just west of Main Street, one minute drive north of the Perimeter Highway. We curl every Tuesday and Thursday morning. We have 3 draws on each of those days at 9 am, 11:15 am, and 1:30 pm.
Our curling season extends from approximately October 15th each year to approximately March 15th of the following year. The present additional fee for curling is $ 165.00 for the season, which includes 5 rounds of 7 games each for a total of 35 league games, and 5 extra days for other competitions such as a skins game, a lads and lassies competition, and our Novelty Bonspiel.
We have 4 sheets of curling ice available to us on each of our curling draws, so we can accommodate 96 members curling on regular teams, with additional members as spares. When you submit your application you request the position you would prefer to play. We draw teams for each round a couple of weeks before the round is scheduled to start. Husbands and wives are not placed on the same team, nor are members placed on the same team with any other member more than once in the season. We have a rule that new members play lead in their first year, and the second year request the position they prefer.
If you have little or no experience with the game, we have qualified instruction available, and you would fit right in with many of our other members who started from that same place when they first joined. All you would need for equipment would be a pair of running shoes, gloves, and a warm jacket. We have slip on sliders available to use, and also brushes. You can purchase your own equipment once you are satisfied that you want to continue. We also refund any unused curling fees.
Golf – We have a booking with the Kildonan Park Golf Course for each Thursday morning during the months of May to September, for tee offs between 8 am to 9 am. The cost is whatever the golf course is charging for green fees plus $ 2.00 prize money. This year, (2017), the course green fees will be $ 28.00 for seniors, and $ 34.00 ($ 17.00/ea))for a shared cart, or $ 19.00 for a single cart rider.
We suggest that each player tries to be at the course by 7:30 am so that we can organize the groupings. Although a weekly draw for tee positions by group has been previously made, adjustments are necessary due to variations in weekly attendance.
We have 5 monthly prizes of $ 25.00, for each of the 4 months from May to August, and 30 prizes, 6 for each of our 5 flights, for our playoffs in September. We do not have a professional, but everybody thinks they can tell everyone else what they are doing wrong. (ha, ha!)
Lawn Bowls – We lawn bowl at the St Johns Lawn Bowling Greens in St Johns Park at 1199 Main Street, from as early in May as the weather permits, to as late in September as weather permits. We bowl each Tuesday morning starting at 9:30 am and usually play 10 ends. That takes approximately 2 hours. A substantial number of our bowlers then retire to Salisbury House for brunch prior to dispersing. The cost of lawn bowling is $ 60.00 for the season, plus $ 1.00 each week for prize money. There is also bowling at St Johns on Monday and Wednesday evenngs, and Thursday mornings that your bowling membership entitles you to participate in.
We would love to have you as a member!

Join part way through a season and we prorate the fees!

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