West Kildonan Seniors' Recreation Club






The West Kildonan Seniors Recreation Club, INVITES older adults to enjoy active sports. Our organization facilitates a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and socialization in a setting where enjoyment is the key objective.  

Do you have an interest in curling? We are always looking for curlers. We provide free "how to clinics" with lots of help and encouragement while playing. For more information or a membership application form, contact one of our members at ...


John Beckner (President) 204 582 1904 Email

Gary Parsons (Treasurer) 293-0699 Email

Our curling season extends from approximately mid October to Mid-March. The current curling fee is $215.00 which includes 4 rounds of 9 games for a total of 36 league games, and 4 extra days for other competitions such as a skins game, a lads and lassies competition, and our Novelty Bonspiel. We also organize two banquets each season.

West St. Paul Curling Club provides four sheets of ice for each of our curling draws, so we can accommodate 72 or more members curling on regular teams, with additional members as spares. When you submit your application you request the position you would prefer t
o play. We draw teams for each round a couple of weeks before the round is scheduled to start. Husbands and wives are not usually placed on the same team, nor are members placed on the same team with any other member more than once in the season.

If you have little or no experience with the game, we have qualified instruction available, and you would fit right in with many of our other members who started from that same place when they first joined. All you would need for equipment would be a pair of running shoes, gloves, and a warm jacket. We have slip on sliders available to use, and also brushes. You can purchase your own equipment once you are satisfied that you want to continue.